Dad and Mom, (Jack and Michelle), have 14 kids, ranging in ages from 30 (May '10) down to 6 (April '10). We live in Southern CA. The only time we kids ever went to school was when Tiffany, Justin and Mandy took Spanish, and Dad, Justin, Will, Merrie and Jack got SCUBA certified. We have a lot of fun making music together, playing volleyball, basketball, volleyball and football, surfing, playing volleyball, camping, rock climbing, playing volleyball, scuba diving, dreaming and talking about things we should do... We keep busy working together, teaching people to surf at "Beach Night" every other Thursday, serving pizza to an average of 100 people at our open house "Pizza Night" on the Fridays in between, and just living life. "Wherever we go, that's where the party's at!!!"

We love adventure. We love the flexibility and freedom we have as we run our own construction business, JDC Contracting. Twelve out of fourteen still live at home and the older ones work for JDC. We love that we get to work together, and we enjoy learning the skills of the trade.

Before Dad and Mom got married they went to a Basic Seminar, and the Biblical principles they learned there have impacted all of our lives in a huge way! Early on they were convicted to yield their womb to the Lord and trust Him to give them as many "blessings" as He would. Also around that time the Lord convicted them for borrowing money and going into debt. They would love to share with you why or how this came about.

Through the years we have been amazed and blessed beyond imagination as we've trusted in God to supply our needs, just as He promised He would do.

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