When some people see our family, or meet us for the first time they are understandibly overwhelmed. =) Coming into a group of people who have known each other all their lives, are best friends with each other, and trying to get to know them can be scary!! So here's a little introduction to each of us.
After reading these individual bios, getting to know us should be a cinch!

I can't say anything about Dad and Mom without first saying how incredibly blessed we all are to have them as parents. They've given us so much of themselves, taught us to honor and fear the Lord not by their words but by their lives, taught us how to stand alone and showed us what it is to love someone unconditionally. They’ve both been keeping busy working on the house, supervising the home schooling, and going to the gym together. I’m not sure if Dad really likes working out, or if he just likes driving Mom's car. =)

"I'm Jack Dortignac, and I approve this message"

Tiffany and Nathan (Weathers) got married on December 6th, 2008. They live in Whittier, which is only a 20 minute drive from us. Nathan works for JDC contracting, and Tiffany keeps busy taking care of their tiny little house, and their tiny little babies. I can honestly (with impartiality) say that Caleb Scott and Julia Kate are two of the cutest kids ever! Tiffany is teaching all three high school age girls in the family. I know it’s got to be a lot of work, but she’s a huge blessing and an answer to prayer! They've inspired a lot of people by the hospitality they show in their little 400 sq ft house. Nathan and Tiffany fit like a glove. It's so awesome. And Nathan has yet to beat me in boggle. =)

When I think of Chris, I think of passion. Yep! If I had to describe him in one word, it would definitely be passionate. A gifted photographer, accomplished pianist, and dedicated follower of God. This is Chris. He works hard, is very detail oriented, and does a beautiful job at whatever he sets his hands (and mind) to! He's artistic, very silly when he's playing with the kids, gentle and very strong too! As to where his interests lie, you'll have to get to know him to find out! He loves talking to people. Oh. And he's a really good cook. =)

"My name is Chris Dortignac, and I DON'T approve this message. Or picture."

So Justin went and got himself engaged to Becky (Kalebaugh). While we're excited for him and thrilled with his choice, we can't wait for him to get married so he can come back to work. =) As the general manager for the family business, he plays a key role, or, used to... now he just takes time off to visit his fiance! He used to surf, scuba dive, buy coffee alot, play volleyball alot, go to Mexico to help out our friends, and work a LOT.
We're hoping he'll return to semi-normal after the wedding.

Mandy and Gabe (Booher) moved to Idaho this year where they bought a drive thru espresso shop in Post Falls. We miss having them around! But we keep in touch, via phone calls, texts, etc. It's been really cool for me to watch them and see how God brought them together, and how they match each other perfectly! They're both ambitious, resourceful, diligent, hospitable, and lots and lots of fun! Gabe and Mandy are both into photography, and have even made a business of it. gabrielowenphotography.com They do an awesome job!. If you're ever in the area, make sure you stop by Post Falls Coffee Co., for the best latte you'll ever have. Their blended drinks are pretty amazing too. =)

Annie is a jewel. When I was growing up, I thought there was something wrong with her, because it seemed like she never got in trouble, and never even had a bad attitude. =) As I've had the privilege of getting to know her better, I've come to realize how wrong I was. She's normal and human, just like everyone else. She just has the biggest caring heart you'll ever know, and doesn't want to bother other people with every irritation. Annie had no trouble stepping into Mandy's shoes as head chef when Mandy got married. The transition was very smooth, and she continues to do the menu planning and meal preparation for a crazy family of 19 who are all going off in different directions, and even manages to get us all sitting down to dinner pretty often!

We sometimes call Will "Moneybags." It's not necessarily true, but it does kind of depict his generous nature. He's a neat guy... a good one to know, if you ask me! He's been taking on a lot more responsibility in the company, and that's really cool, except it doesn't leave a lot of time for his other interests... (i.e., surfing, momentcapturingproductions.com, basketball, volleyball, scuba diving, injuring himself, shopping on ebay and finding really cool boats for our family to buy!)

a.k.a. "Handsome Rob"

Merrie is the one who wrote all these bio's and I had to write about her, because she probably doesn't know herself enough to be writing this.

Merrie, Merrie, Merrie... such an amazing girl. I don't even know where to start! She likes to go to work, make latte's and order fancy sounding, disgusting coffee. Merrie's a very loveable person and she's just waiting for someone who loves her more than she loves herself to come and marry her. Please send applications to P.O.Box 1234... Merrie also likes to drive, read, write and do math. She's very versatile and can act anything from 2 to 12 years old. She also offers free counseling! Just call her personal cell. (Sorry, she will not give me her # for this.) Just email me and I'll tell you when and where you can find her.

Random Fact: Merrie is 20.

Jack Damen is a nut case. He really is. We don't know what to do with him most the time! =) Fortunately he's started working almost fulltime with Chris, Justin and Will in the family business, so he's out of our hair! Jk! We love Jack. He excells at anything he tries. Volleyball, soccer, web design, computer games, math, snowboarding, work, basketball, surfing... its a little ridiculous. He's incredibly intelligent, very athletic, and way too good looking for his own good! Don't worry... we don't let it get to his head! =)

Joanna Kaye is doing an amazing job! She's in charge of the home school, and has taken on the challenge of routing 5 sleepy kids out of bed in the morning, getting them their breakfast, getting them to do their chores, cleaning the house and sitting down to do school by 8:30. She's determined, motivated and persistent. I'm blessed to see her working hard, investing her time into the kids, imparting knowledge on their minds, and seeking the Lord with all her heart.

Random fact: Joanna's NOT 24.

Alyssa is such a clown. She keeps us in stitches with her smart remarks and crazy antics. She tries to keep herself in stitches too! (the suture kind) But she definitely has a serious side. She inspires me with her diligence with the family's laundry and her own school work. "Miss Alexa" is growing up so fast, and I'm so happy to call her my friend!

Random fact: Monkeys. a.k.a. Charlie.

Trevor Anthony has grown from being the curlyheaded-little-guy-with-all-the-nicknames to the curly-headed-little-bit-bigger-guy-without-all-the-nicknames. He's not so little anymore. When he needs a haircut, he's taller than Joanna! Yikes! =) Trevor is totally awesome though. He's such a manly guy, getting really good at basketball and volleyball, and he's a blast to hang out with!

Random fact: Trevor has the nicest handwriting of all the boys!

Charity Rose is so cute! She loves one on one attention, whether she's on the receiving or giving end. Having eleven older siblings makes one grow up fast, as Charity seems to be living proof. She's out grown the nickname, "Dewey," and is maturing into a beautiful girl with a huge heart. We used to jokingly say that we were nothing before she was born, (1 Corinthians 13) but it’s true!! She's such a treasure!

Kaylee Jo is a princess with an attitude and a mean right hook. She and Heidi are peas in a pod. Best sisters, as they say. It’s rare to see one without the other, and I was gonna combine their bio’s into one, but they are both individually unique. Kaylee is a fish, as she proved to us this summer. Dad was taking the kids swimming every day and teaching them and she probably swims better than I do! She’s strong for her size and very strong willed! =) And she’s always trying to drink coffee even though we tell her it will stunt her growth… =)

Wherever Kaylee is, Heidi Malia is sure to be found. They play and fight and work and laugh and cry and grow side by side. It's rare to see one without the other nearby. =) Both are growing so fast, inside and out, and are constantly making us laugh with their shenangins. Heidi loves to dress herself and comes up with the most outlandish outfits. Most the time we send her back to change. =) They both love to read, love to play dress ups, love to ride bikes and sometimes they even love doing their school! Heidi Malia is a cheerful little gangster with a heart of gold. And she can throw a football as well as the next guy...