Top row: Jamie Rebelez, Ruth Blaj, Jennifer Weston, Annalisa and Jennifer Thompson, Tiffany, Rachel Thomas(not pictured) Kristina Martin-Vegue, Mandy, Annie, Minna Huang, Rachel and Rebekah Hung, Kristen McIntire(not pictured). Front row: Stephan Weston, Brian Iorga, Andrew Smith, Jonathan McIntire, Kevin Weston, Benji Thompson, Willie, LLLincoln (Intentional spelling error) Thompson, Justin, Chris, Tim Martin-Vegue, Nathan Corduan, Nathaniel Smith


BASIC TRAINING IS A CHILDREN'S PROGRAM we designed, with a military theme, to go along with the Basic Seminar by Bill Gothard. We studied 7 different character qualities, learned 5 songs, memorized 1 Corinthians 13, heard stories, watched skits, played games and had lots of fun! We were blessed to have 26+ young volunteers, (mostly pictured above), to help us with about 130 children. A big thank you to all of you who sacrificed to help make the program a success! We are especially grateful for our parents full blessing, encouragement and support! Dad took time out of his extremely busy schedule to be there the whole week! Thank you Mom & Dad! It was such a blessing to have our whole family there. I'm sure we learned a lot more than the children did. The greatest reward from the program was being able to help a young girl make the decision to become a follower of Christ! God is good!

  Blue Squad

 Ed and Tom Johnson

 General Justin

 Grey Squad, "Standing on the Solid Rock"

 Green Squad in action


Head Quarters



Purple squad with Sergeant Jonathan and Corporal Kristen McIntire

 Eddie and Denise Lopez








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